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9 Multi Drug Urine Cup w/AD (BZO, COC, MTD, OPI, THC, PCP, BUP, MET, EtG+AD)

SKU No.:  12509405001033

Specimen:  Urine

Sensitivity:  see below description

Shelf-lift:  24 months

Brand:  Neutral, N/M

Certificates:  CE

Packaging:  25 tests/box, 4 boxes/carton

Product Details

The 9 multi drug urine cup is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassays for the detection of 9 drug metabolites in human urine. It is designed to have the ability to detect multiple adulterants, to avoid cheating. Up to 9 different drugs can be detected in one testing. East test delivers quick results with up to a 99% accuracy rate. The enhanced designed of the test cup has a larger mouth, so there is no messy collection. And it has its own built-in temperature strip.

It is intended for simultaneous testing 9 combinations of the following drugs and 3 adulterant strips: PH, creatine and oxidant.

BZO - Benzodiazepines 300ng/mL

COC - Cocaine 150ng/mL

MTD - Methadone 300ng/mL

MOP - Morphine 300ng/mL

THC - Marijuana 50ng/mL

PCP - Phencyclidine 25ng/mL

BUP - Buprenorphine 10ng/mL

MET - Methamphetamines 1000ng/mL

EtG - Ethyl Glucuronide 500ng/mL

The cup is CE marked, but not FDA 510k cleared. It is for forensic use only.